"Werners Themen- und Gedankenwelt"

The Particular of "Feel the Horses"

Horse Awareness and Empathy.

People have developed the ability of empathy. It is not a matter of course to empathize with other living beings and to perceive and understand their feelings. Empathy depends on the personality of the people, to empathize in the language of other beings. This is people not conscious when dealing with each other and is not in the foreground of the relationships.

In the other case, there is an intense mental and emotional attitude towards the horse. This important aspect belongs to the view of "Feel the Horses", what is perceived in the consciousness of the contacts with horses and achieved through quiet and soulful communication.

The topics of the homepage and the methods of the training are related to it. The experiences and findings from the horse whispering world can be transferred to the world of human relationships. Through conscious mindfulness, empathy is expressed in dealing with horses.

From my point of view it is a big advantage to change the horse behavior and to help them to overcome the fear and shyness. A second point is to help people to get more binding to the horses. Therefore emapthy is also horse psychology and behavioral work for a good human-horse realtionship. For me counts the positive behavioral factor that is trained through empathy. Here helps the empathic contact training by me. That is good for man and horse.

I have discriped this in the texts about out my experiences in behavioral work from head to hoof with horses and the humanly dealing with them. I use the findings from my research in training and  work with it at the success. Here also the particular is to be found that I am talking about.