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Born to be ridden

That expecting the horses in their life.

Riding can be an addiction when people do it almost every day. What do people use horses for? Always the saddle in the hands and put it on horse back. Exactly for that. This is what you can see in riding stables.
But is a horse only a thing for this purpose? No! It is a life being that is not born to ride. But already for people who use them for riding. What have the horses from that? Not much. They have to be well-behave and do what people want from them. That´s all what they expect when unsing horses almost every day.
But can you emagine what horses feel when they are ridden? May be yes. The nature of horses has other feelings as people feel when riding. This aspect puts riding in a differnt light. Ridiing is not necessary every day for the horses.
But people have their own understanding. They do it! Whyever? It is already more then a need of the relationship to a horse. What they are doing is always equal. Nothing exciting happens. Only when horses don´t do what people want.
People try to get better in order to be able to do more at riding. That´s what they train for. And the horses have to support the people.
But one way might be to ride less as not to have riding pressure in the relationship with the horse. I recommend this considering the nature of the horse. That´s my attitude towards riding with horses.