"Werners Themen- und Gedankenwelt"

"Werners School of Horses"

A private initiative for communication, ground work, riding. In the sense of natural horsemanship to leran from the horse with the horse and in accord of human, horse and nature dicover the whisper world from the pespektive of horse.

Concept and methods.

The horse language is the basis of horse communication and training. I use style-free methods of sensitive riding without compulsion towards horses.

Understanding the life of horses was a result of my observations in the horses world. On this base I learned riding and created my style. My intention was to learn more about the relationship to horses and their typical behavioral language. This knowledge made it possible to speak their language as a human. My principle in the school of horses is to feel the horses, to follow the feelings and to change the doubts and fears into positive thougths and feelings.

My message is to build an emotional relationship with horses and to speak to them in a trusting and authentic language.

Learning to ride is to have a correct body language. Relaxed riding requires calm, gentle hands on rein, a good and dynamic body balance and fine legwork on horses flanks.

I convey this concept in the school of horses where people the communication learn with horses while riding. It is good for the feelings of horses, because it works soft without bit, riding crop or spores. I use the rings on the snaffle to guide horses with the reins.

Riding a horse with fine feelings is an important part of my riding practice. The training gives people information how to lead horses with a pressureless language in ground work and riding.

Don´t force horses to do anything they don´t want to do. Better to work with voluntariness than with pressure and compulsion. Gentle behavior and a clear and direct language are the basis for successful cooperative horses communication.

That´s what I think as a empatical horseman and coach in the school of horses. My knowledge helps to get an empathic horse leadership and riding style.