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The Human

The human characteristics are so many that they are not compareable with others. It is a question of mentality how the characteristics of people outher. The being of human accords to the kind of his nature. Her underly the characteristics that characterize the human personally. Thereover people can harmonizes well with each others or be complete opposite.

The kind of the characteristics makes the humans to a self willing and self senses individuum with the strengths and weaknesses of his abilities. They ensure for success, happiness or other effects of the personality image in life. Every human creates and determined their position for themselves and in the community.

It is the philosophies of life whose underlie the properties that relate to the ways and styles of life. Therein reflects the individuality of people with all successes, worries, problems and life questions.

The characteristics don´t let be changed. They are too much innated for that. But the habits already to deal and live with it. These considerations flow into the life and happiness thoughts that move a human personally with its characteristics.

The Human: New experiences

With "new" I mean to develop existing abilities further and others to win thereto through training that you don't have yet. The human can a lot. Also that what is not yet possible now. The belief at the impossible prevents that. But belief means not know.

It to try brings the certainty. That helps to recognize and strengthen skills.

And the horse:

The human can teach a horse what the human can.

A hores can teach the human that what the horse can.

Understood in this way can the human still learn new from the horse.