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Short Notices - Part 1

I have written many articles in German in the sections on the homepage. 

Getting all into this English version is a lot of work. That´s why I take out the essential information and post them here.

This website gives a small insight into content of my articles and I hope you like the information on my homepage.

I feel well in the midst of horses. This is the place where I have these special atmosphere of life. The moments to be together with horses make me happy and relax me. It is useful for my work in the philosophy of horse and human life. In my articels I tell of the experiences i made at this place and incooperate the findings into the methods in the area of training horses and humans. With my instuctions, people can benefit of the findings at contact with horses. They perceive the sentiments and the behavior of their language and also of the horses. That way will guides the thoughts in the optimal direction of dealing horses and getting answers of life questions. I mean, that´s a good result of this special horse-assited Personal Training I do as trainer.

Personal Horse Training in the mirror of horse language and behavior. The joy of horse motivated to be inspired from their character. If it happens, it will to be interesting to see how the horse react to the presence of human. At this point my analysis geginns to find out the signs of the natur of these relationship that can be seen. This may be new in people´s imaginations about of looking at the images to compare them. But this process shows the inner factors of the horse and human nature. Based on the behavior, the mentalities in communication are become visible. What I can discover here is the kind of language of beavior in both mentalities. And that is the basis for achieving a harmonious interaction between the both typs of language. To be successful, it demands the special kind of ground work with the horse, which is offered in Personal Horse Training. That is relating on the working with a horse on a rope or in sattle or without it. That helps to improve the internal and external connection to the horse. I think it´s a good personal goal in horse work.

Talking about body language. Language is behavior. The image of horse in the head is the behavior of humans towards the horse. In opposite to the horse the humans are using words in their language how they speak and write. Horses cannot do this and therefore it is impossible for them to understand human words. Do people think that too? I ask me why do they speak verbal to horeses? They use words in their conversatios and then it is also normal for them to do it towards horses. They beleave the horses understands what they say are saying just because the horses react that way. Or did the horses react to body language? That is the realistic case in terms of horse language. Hense it is not necessary to spaek to them like to humans. My recommendation is a body language that is understandable for horses. I work with it without saying many words. I have only a few easy words in the sound of my voice. Thats enough for me to talk.

Practice speaking with horses. But who does that? Everyone does their best in the communication with their horse. Then they don´t need a course for it if it works that way in conversation. Should mistakes be made in the language, this can be a reason for a course in order to korrekt them. The own sentiments an also the reactions of the horses are a impetus for learning of corrective messures. Pay attention to the little things in the body language that can give important hints for changing the behavior method. That is the visible point in behavior of human that is reflecting in the mirror image of the horse. An experienced trainer pays particular attention to this and then he gives good instructions for equine communication. This is a part of horse language education for people that I do with my training methodology.

My opinion is: "What humans do is what they get from horses". The horse reactions are honest, clear and true. This is my ground sentence in communication with horses which I use into my work style. I pay attention on it that my feelings to the horses are agreed with theirs. I am refering to what happens in the moments of contact. Feelings play an important role in language. I can also say: "What humans feel is how they talk to horses". Looking on the principles is a training task to get good effects when speaking to horses. Learn to feel how horses feels you.

This is my inspiring path from "Fühle die Pferde/Feel the Horses". And with that I would like to inspire you too.

The people don´t have no patience when dealing with horses. This is the main reason beside wrong body language for problems in horse communication. If they don´t learn to understand the rules of horses in a partnership they will not be doing the right things for good conversation with horses. Rules are the foundation how horses life together. How to use them gives the guidance in training in the communiction that I give to the people here who want to learn to communicate better than before. If they pay attention to their own language and that of the horse it will be possible to recognize and correct the behaviour style. It gives exercises that helps to learn partnership-based conversation. Patience and understanding makes the relationship better. As a trainier I give recommandations on behavior in local coachings or by email.

What people don´t know is that the language is the most important thing that they have to learn at horses. This is the basis for everything in a good partnership. I am writing about it how to do it.

What does the horse language means in the understanding in humans language? Can you say it? The senses are the source, how the answer is. Everyone has own senses. And that is the fact that it will be many different answers. The result is it can´t be say which of them is best. First of all everyone is right. But in the end the horses will say how people understood them. They do that in their lanugage. And now the sensory preception comes back again to the centre of the attention when understanding the horses. This  is my the starting point to train the senses through exercises.

Horses that build up pressure, let this out powerfully and let themselves not easy lead by people have reasons for it. Special training is required here in order to get these horses closer to the people again. This is a training that relates to feelings and the behaviors language and is connected to experieces. In these cases gives the horse help the horses confidence to human if they don´t have it.

This is a kind of training where horses will be set under pressure in order to relax again and volontary return to the person who presureized them previously. Horses don´t like to feel insecure and in that case they seek closeness to the trustful person in their environment. Then it is time to build the narrow emotional binding to guide the horse to follow the path behind the person. A very effective exercise in horse work that corresponds to the nature of horses to achieve the training goal. The person doing this have to know the conditions of the relationship to horses that linked to the language of the horse´s being. For me this is a very important part of my philosophy which is based on partnership in horse training and feelfully leadership.

Not nice to see. Horses in stable with cuted mane, shaved fur, blanket on back and irons on hoofs. Living most in horsebox is not a good life for horses. They are freely living animals who wants to be outside in all weather. That is their nature to live. How much do people intervene therein? Horses can do nothing against the will of people what they make with horses. That is their fate of life with people. If the weather is cooler or wetter, or horses will be sweat at their fur while riding or the hooves seems no to be good, than humans change the body conditions at horses at will. Whether it is necessary or not don´t play a role. What they mean will happen. The horses won´t be ask.That is the charcter of people. What horses want is not important and also not the nature of horses life. If horses could speak like humans, what would they say about the doings of human? That is imaginable if people are able to feel the language of horses. That makes visible what horses feel in the expression of their beeing. Not nice to see like I mean that will be recognizeable by it. For this reason it is good to look compassionately at the horses. 
This is my path from "Feel the horses" for a good understanding of their natural life!

Horses are not like dogs. They do not walk next to the people on dog leash or run after a throwing stick and bring it back to the people as a game. They have a different nature with that people have to deal. Horses have to run on lunge, walk behind the people on a leash, accept poeple on their backs, do shows on the course or high and wide jumps. That is the different to dogs. The people want it so. It is always the human who says what horses should do. How it is for the horses, what feelings the have or how they perceive that with their nature is unimportant for the actions of the people. The colloquial language of people with horses can be compared to that by dogs. People have an habitual behavior towards animals. And that´s how they talk to them. Could you imagine to change the language towards horses or the horse you have, in regard to the nature of horse character? That requires a rethink of behavior on the type of the animal. Would you do this or learn how to do it at horses? Then one have to recognize the beeing in the special language of the typ that is associate with it´s nature.
An interesting task at training of language in dealing with horses as I do in the horse school.

All nonsense what I tell could think other people. Perhaps it is not possible to feel the being that characterizes the binding with the horse. They go their usual path. Feeling the horse is an option to treat it with gentle emotions. This ist my path. That gives people another view to communicate through feelings with horses. With this one can approach to the usual behavior towards horses and when riding. The feelings are the basis of this special relationship with soul and heart for horses. In this case may something understood different than usual. Soul and heart are bond with the senses and feelings. This make the communication to an experience of sentience. The horses  reply to this with their feelings.
That is emotional equine communication.