"Werners Themen- und Gedankenwelt"

Short Notices - Part 2

Here are short notices about my philosophy on life issues and questions. 

It´s my kind of life coaching I give to you of thinking about it a little. It might helps to see the things even sometimes differently, how life can be.

Life philosophy connects human life with the questions it contains. For me it is a part of life coaching in relation of the thoughts that accompanied people through life. Everyone will habe them because the life processes change quick. Faster as people expect. The philosophy of "Mother Earth and Nature" is of great importance in order to recognize the connections for living on erath as human. The cultures which do that say it to other poeple as message for sharing life with the environment of natur. But they don´t hear it. They destroy the nature for the advatages in their own life without any empathy for others. Too much interrests make it more difficult to find a common way for efficient natur and climate protection. But the climate is stronger than what human can do to reduce the increase in environmental damage. That is a bad look into the future. So the important life questions also get more weight in shaping future. The comparison with nature and horses is an essential aspect to get answers in life. Life can be easier with it. I pass this approach on as a vision in my coachings.

Every day is different. Don't run after dreams. You have to be in front of the waves that you want to surf. Enjoy the little things you have in life and be lucky with them. The bigger ones are heavier to get. The view of reaching it is small. In this case it is better to be successful with what you have. Waves go and come new. They behave differently in people´s lives. Mostly they are gone before surfing. That is also with dreams when people wake up. People have a lot of wishes. Only a few will be realized. That is a finding of life. Not every day is as the other, even if it seams that way to people. Make the best of it and live the dreams. That´s a good solution for many problems in life. Surfing the right waves is a recommendation to be successful. People decide for themselves what they want to do. Even with their life dreams. A Simple life makes changes easier possible.

Move to new thinking if you want to change anything in life. Otherwise let it be how it is now in life. What is good remains. People hold on to it. It will give reasons where it is required to change thinking. Rethinking is the term for it. That is to be done for changing life. But not only here. Also in cases relatet to life with horses. Whatever the reason may be. People themselfves know why. They have their opinion and stay on it. Other people can try to come with different arguments for changes. They don´t hear the message. The mind does not agree with it. For example it can be watched in human relationships to horses. All people have their way in behavior to horses. How they feel that so are the arguments for or against rethinking. Mostly they do nothing what disturbs the habits. That also occurs in case of issues. Better not do anything than change the habit. Otherwise the have brake out of the circle of habits. That is always a heavy decition to leave the known and usual path. What many people do has to be good to remain too on it. So will thought in many cases. Then also the problems will solve themselves by waiting. Anyone who believes that does nothing and doesn't listen on other. And then support in life questions or help at horses problems is not the theme for them.

Sympathetic people have many friends. That's no secret. Everybody knows it how it is to be alone because people don´t wants contact. The reason is the personality that other people don´t like. Nice people find other nice people with whom they have good times. If the personal impression makes that impossible, it is a personal question of life for the person who is concerned. I f you don´t want it then start working on the change process that trains your personality in order to receive more sympathy. Your psoitive charisma makes it other people possible to get a relationship with you. The first few seconds of contact are most importent what other people feel when they see you. A view on face let the gestic speach and creates the individual feelings of perception. Think on it, you are the source for the frequency of sympathy in life situations. A honest smile can be the door for finding friends whenever you are looking for them. The expression speaks for itself.

People do not change their life processes that they have for a long time. Not even if that is necessary. Habitual pathes to leave is not in intention, because they know the now but not the development into future. That keeps them from doing it. But it will happen in time where they have to change the mantal attitude in behavior. It´s a hard decision. Life is changing but people hold back to chang themselves. Big changes needs the individual support of every single people.The stream of life takes all people with it. How the world changes so it will also require the need of adaptation of people. Too late would be wrong and short thoughted.

In the process of life change the needs of people. So that´s also with thoughts in life. The experiences make people cleverer in their behavior. The Inspration of wanting and doing comes out of life. That differs depending on the age. Age groups don´t understand in all life issues and have the same views. Joung people do not listen because they want to live their life by making experiences. Their needs differ in the great stream of life. They also use the earth´s resources. I hope they are aware what they are doing now is their investment into future of earth until in their life age. This makes the climate change possible in both directions.