"Werners Themenblick"

My Intention as Author and Trainer

I convey information on my homepage.

I have published sites in English in former times and I do it again. Contacts to me are also possible in this language.

Many visitors look at my articles. I tell my life story of what I like to do. This it is part of my passion that I work for.

I pass on my horse and life information to interested people.

Doing something for others can be a good business. That could give you something back that you may need in future. Good to know in difficult times. But you can´t always trust on it. Better make sure you have an own plan to help you. You should think about that.

Good contacts are important where you can ask. It´s an option to move forward with the help of others. It is solidarity among people to be there for each other, especially in times of change.

My intention is to take people on an information travel which they can read about here.

I write texts about the communication of horse and human, about handling with horses and the sensitive riding or about solving any problems. I also think about questions in a changing life world. The photo gallery gives an insight into the work of my horse whisper world with photos and texts.

If you have questions to topics or are seeking for individual solutions to problems relating to horses or to changes in life, send me an e-mail. Use the contact on the homepage.