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Hello and  Welcome to the Englich Language Websites of the private Homepage of Werner Nieger

Communication & Horses

"Fühle die Pferde"© - the Original

"Feel the Horses" - a source of inspiration!

Horse communication and horsemanship are with "Fühle die Pferde"© no grey therory!

I write articles here for people who are interested in the topics of the homepage. In it I consider the communication in the relationship of horse and human and questions of life and change. As a caoch I support people with my ideas on their way of change to success.

My texts give hints on it in which areas something can change if people see a need for it. Otherwise life stays as it is and people are satisfied. That are the thoughts of my philosophie in the topics that I make about the world of horses and people and the life and nature of this earth.

The way to satisfaction lies within you and your life.

Success, happiness and health should be motivation for what you want to perform and achieve in communication at handling with your horse or in life change or work.

What else is to discover on my websites?

Horse whispering, school of the horses, horseback riding, relaxation, harmony, stress management, photo galleries, my blog and other more.

The harmony of the feelings and language.

As an author, trainer and rider I deal with topics from the world of the horses and people in connection with the nature of life. I convey the horse communication in the style of natural horsemanship and take care of buldiung and deeping the relatonship with the horse through information and training. In addition there is coaching to accompany development and change processes in the other topic areas that I am writing about here.

Inspiration for the personal success.

Communication Training, Horse and Problem Aid, Horsemanship, Personal Training, Life Coaching, Horse Feel Therapy, Stress Handing.

Events connect people and inform about topics. Get information and make new expiriences. Something can always be done for that! You can read more about this in the articles on the homepage.