"Fühle die Pferde" Coaching 
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Feel the Horses and Feel You

The voluntariness of horses is one of the foundations of good togetherness of horse and human. This belongs to the principle of my attitude towards horses.

My definition as I understand the German term of the word "Horsemanship" or in German langugage "Pferdekunde" (like Horse Knowledge) is the non-violence work with horses in deeper understanding of the nature in their being with the usage of a gentle and sensitive language and riding style. 

The Horsemanship is very important for my sensitive horse work of"Feel the Horses" and the courses in horse school.

  • People want to ride.

Riding is for people the fulfilment of their relationship with the horse. But that is not the reason in order to occupy with horses - at least not here.

There are more good reasons on my homepage in the horse world und horse school. Training begins at the thoughts and brings you at the goals of your luck.

  • Riding aid helps with riding.

Through a special training of riding behavior developes the mentality of the language and the sensitivity in leading the horse.

  • Horse help give the horse trust.

A horse that builds up a lot of pressure and then cannot be easy led by people has reasons for this disobedient behavior. If that happens more often a special training can help to change this behavior.

  • Horsemanship conveys horse experiences.

The insights develops and strenghten the personal mental emotional presence of language in relation to the unison of nature and communication between human and horse.

Feelable serenity, decleleration and relaxation are effects through it people can also recover in stressful areas of life.

  • Reading the language of the horse.

The nature of the horse lies in the language. Therefore it makes sense to work by training in the equine relationship at the communication in dealing and riding.

If someone do not know further with the behavior of their horse then it is good to have someone who know what is to do to change it.

The philosophy of communication in the relationship with the horse helps to work on it successfully.