"Werners Themen- und Gedankenwelt"


A spark of passion.

If I can take other people in the whisper world of horses that would be a great result. How they move in it depends on the attitudes and feelings.

Inspiration is the spark.

What will develop from this lies in the personal future of the people. These are just a few people for whom a spark becomes a passion. Finding them is the goal of inspiration.

"Feel the Horses“ is my inspiration.

How people think obout it is the result of understanding the language of horses. They make their behavioral expiriences in handling and riding with horses. The methods they have are based on it what the spirit is thinking and what the feelings are saying.

A lot is possible in harmony with the language of the horses. Coaching helps to recognize how the human personality is reflected in the behavior of horses.The process is based on the inspiration of "Feel the Horses“. About that I have written much articls on my homepage and in „My Blog“. 

In many countrys people are looking on it. That is the result of the information on communication of horse and human. Another section includes topics on stress mangement and relaxation with the support of coaching. Futhermore the training conveys a fine feeling for the nature of horses in their language in handling and riding.

I thank the horses to inspire my passion. She supports me in horse training, personal training and life coaching.