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Life Change

I changed my life.

Horses helped me with that. The findings I get from working with them were the basis for my decision. The trigger for this in the past was "Fühle die Pferde"© through a change in my view of life. This was an insight into the conditions of a natural-related life and the base for the finding how people understand their lifestyles they are working and living for. These thoughts have changed my life with the view of horses and natur. I inform about my Life Coaching on my homepage.
People can do something new if the want a different life feeling. If I look back into past I can say that is good for me today. I don´t need to much for life. The people how follows my posts are enough for me to be successful with my working for people and horses. It is not the biggest things that are importent fore what I do. To have a balanced life are the smaller events better for the persönality. Horses gave me the information to change my life. I speek about it and discribe in my posts the way of change trought life balance and coaching in relation to the nature and the life of horses.
I have changed my inner attitude towards life. This is related to the experiences of old age. My homepage is the base for informing about that what I do. Life change means changing the way of life to another. But don´t change your personality if you don´t like them. People are unique with your abilities and your appearance. Don't change it completely because it could not be good for your inner and outer state. Small things have better effects than doing bigger things that totally change you. Be inspired by the possibilities for a life in harmony of body and mind. In it you will find that what you want. That is what makes people different from each other how they change their lives strong or moderate. How much changing is good and what should be done for that is an important question. The coaching helps to evaluate the things of life new.
The personal consulting gives advices as recommendation for a individual life change relatet to the personality. It is good to think about what is suitable. Not all changes can be make reverse and they remain forever. How a person feels is the life relaxed or stressful. That is liked or not. If not than it can be changed for to feel better afterwards. I look at horses and think what a life they have in their horse world. It can be compared with life of humans as an aid for change. I do it for myself and in coaching because the horse life is connected to nature and human life has removed from it. The goal of the coaching is to include this path as an option in the perspective of life change.