"Fühle die Pferde" Coaching 
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"Feel the Horses" to Relaxation against stress

Horse-assisted personal coaching offers opportunities for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Communicate for to get equal understanding joins the people's mentalities. Using the right words is very important in reaching other people's thoughts and sentiments.

In comparison, it has the same effects on horses and other animals that are good friends for humans. The inner connection to them gives us humans feelings of joy in a changing life.

This helps to get rid yourself of increasing stress through moments of mental relaxation. It is difficult to withstand the external pressure when the life environment does not allow it.

My path from "Feel the Horses" and my relaxation concept with support of horses is an idea of help to people in comparable this life situations.

The senses can be adjusted to solutions through coaching with horses. Here is the source of inspiration to find ways out of life crises.

Turning to animals lets the thoughts become free for new thinking and dealing. That is the core message of doing more for yourself that I can say in this case.

Such impressive experiences change the attitudes from people who want more relaxation in their life. This is a step into another behavior supporting by communication and horses.

The basics for doing that can be find here in the sections of homepage.