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A new Horse and Ride Awareness

Another view of equestrian training.

It is not the sight what is for other people visible. Someone sits on a horse and moves it to go forward, sideways or backward. This is just a picture, but in the figures you can see the emotional expression of feelings of human and horse. Nobody talk about it when riding. People don´t  talk about it what is going on inside them. But that is important the emotions to relate on the horse riding style, because the riding wise depends on it.

The riding training begins by me at this point in order to get a good riding feeling according the body language of human and horse. With the instructions for soulful riding develops the human the internal energy for a good horse leadership. The methods are in the human himself. With the help of my individual learn methodology, I make the use of senses understandable for riding.

The harmonious behavior is based on the precise perception of feeling and understanding the horse´s language. That´s a fact for better riding in relate on the special feelings of horses. Therein is the basis of a soulful rider who is able to lead the horse friendly as a good partner and supports the riding movements with very fine helps.

This is my vision of ride education as instructor compared to other horse and riding instructors, that the people are looking for when they wants to learn ride. I do that too and train them with a different concept in regard to the role of horse in riding.

That depends on personal the life feeling of riding how people it experience themselves. Outgoing on it they get a fine feeling and an authentic riding language that be recognized by the riding movements.

That is a good goal in equestrian training with the methods of "Feel the Horses".

If you want you can get further information about the conceptual approaches of my procedure.

A mental riding experience that I convey other people as a trainer.

What is that?

It is a training that is mental related to the emotions of body language in the posture on the horse. This particular type of riding is the foundation of learning to guide the horse mentally.

Why is that recommandable? I say it like this:

The mind is bond with the type of horses being and the feelings of movements. The senses become one with the kind of horses behavior. The human rides intensely and emotionally solved and concentrated in the posture on the horse. This procedure guides the awareness to the relationship of riding. Empathy is the essential training for the connection of the beings between the horse and human. Through it creates a feelable harmony in the awareness of human. The horse feels it by itself. This is different by humans. This is why the mental experences are trained to build up the connection with the horse. It is an effective aid to develop the soulful fine riding more strongly in the togetherness with the horse. 

I follow this approach in riding training as a horseman and trainer.