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Do it differently - Training for Change Work

Solutions arise through changes.

Many things that people do are not always equal. This also shapes the awareness of people and they don´t think not more exactly about it what they do. So they don't also notice what they're doing differently.

It is a normal life process not to recognize the specially details in the course of action. Mainly in situations where the action has the same goal. But it gives changes that don't come in mind. Is the goal the same but there is a different and better way to achieving it, then it is difficult for people to understand the necessary changes that need to be made. 

These changes are then especially realized if the procedure is different from the former. Then people don´t do it out of insecurity or fear of thinking they might be doing something wrong.

But that is the sequence of life that changes often. Regardless, people will not change their inner attitudes if they have no urgend reasons. In this case they remain in the same place and have no progress in life which move them forward. That also occurs in the relationships of people to horses when dealing and riding.

It can be trained to do change something here in awareness. 

And here I can help with my possibilities if I know the problems and difficulties that people have.

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