Werners Pferde- und Flüsterwelt


A spark of passion.

If I can take along the thoughts of other people in the horse whispering world, it would be a great result. Where people move then depends on their considerations.

Inspiration in not more as a spark.

What will develop from it cannot be estimated because that is still in the personal future. They only know the people themselves. The horse whispering is not an interesting point in life for each human. This are only a few people for whom it fits what one can experience that a spark becomes a passion.

Find these people and getting them excited for the horse whispering is the goal of inspiration.

The soul of "Feel the Horses“ is my inspiration.

What we people think and do is the result of our understanding the speach of horses. People make their expiriences of behavior in dealing with horses. The methods they have are personal fixed on it what the spirit is thinking and the feelings are saying.

Nothing is impossible, everything you can do when the thoughts and sensations are in harmony with the language of the horses.

Coaching is the way to find out how the personality will be accepted by horses.

My way to be successful is based on my philosophy of "Feel the Horses“.

As autor and coach I am inform about the world of horses and humans and the communication. I have written much articls on my homepage and in „My Blog“.

In many other countrys of the world are people looking on it and the numbers of visitors of my homepage are further increasing. That is a good result on my working into the range of horses, humans and life questions. Another section contents themes for handling stress and relaxing in allday and job by supporting coaching with horses.

My special form of education provides a fine feeling for horses. Additional it will get hints for interchange of the languages between the being of horses and humans in focus of dealing and riding.

I am proud of my knowlege and thanks the horses to help me in my reseaches, I have made in past.

I enjoy the life with my horses. It supports me for the communication in horse educatiuon, the personal training and life coaching.