Werners Pferde- und Flüsterwelt

Werners Horse School

An overview of my horse school concept and the methods of horsemanship.

The horse language is the basis of my leading and riding work and the training in communication with horses. I have developed special methods to train the emotional dealing by horses and feelful riding. Before it the understanding of horses life was for me a personal challenge and a result of my intensive observations in the horses world. On this base I also have learned my riding kind and developed on by myself. I wanted simply learn more about the relations to horses by imitated and applicated of their typical behavior. This basic knowledge maked me able for talking with them in my kind of their language. So it is still today.

My principle in horse school is feeling the horses, follow the feelings and change the doubts and fears into positive feelings. That´s the message for to build up a better relation with horses. That is the message for to build up a better relationship with horses. In this way it is possible to talk in trustfully and authentically language to horses. It is not complicated but very effective.

Learning to ride is a procedure for develop a correct body language. A relaxed riding requires a calm inner center, gentle hand on rein, good dynamic body balance and fine legwork on horses flanks. These is a horse riding concept for styles it gives. That I provide in my horse school. It is good for horses, because it works without snaffle bit, riding crop or spores. I use myself only the rings on snaffle to lead horses over it with the reins. Bitless riding is also applicable in other riding styles.

To ride a horse with fine sensation is an important part in my riding practice. The special training gives people informations to lead horses correctly at ground work and by riding.

Here are some hints how horses should be treated. Don´t force horses to it what they not want. It is better to work with their voluntariness as with pressure and compulsion. A consistent behavior and a clear and direct language is the base in horses communication. lt gives success if the rules will be follow. I think on it as horseman and coach. My knowledge helps people to get an empathic horse guidance and riding style without compulsion.