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Discover a new feeling and thinking what linked human, horse and life.

With "Feel the Horses" to success.

Horse training, horsemanship, relaxation, development by personal training and life coaching.

It is my intention to provide information with the topics in the sections of my special homepage.

I have already published sites in English in former times and I do it again now. Contacts are also possible in this language via emal contact.

It gives many visitors in countrys who are looking on my articles. The content is interested for many people. I tell my life story of what I like to do and say to it that it is a part of my passion to work for it.

I pass on my philosophy of life to people they interested in it.

If you do something for others you are making good deal because may be it gives something back in future if should you have a need. That´s good to know in difficult times. But not in all cases you can trust on it. So you have to make sure that you have an own plan. This is the first you should think about. Next are good contancts important with people you can ask. An option to get forward yourself by using the help of others. I thing that is solidarity-based help between people who are there for one another. That is what human life needs just in this time.

My approach is to take people on an excursion into a world that they can read more about here.

I am writing texts about my special kind of communication and the soulful riding. It gives informations on dealing horses, for solving problems or answers for life questions in this time of changing life.

In addition to my texts, I recommend taking a look at my photo gallery in relation to my activities.

I hope it is useful and you share the posts whith other.

If you have questions to the topics, individual problems in the relationship with horses or to changes in life, you are welcome to write me an email.

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Thanks for your interest.